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Fighting the Power - My frustrations with longarm quilting services

This website and blog has been a long, slow work in progress. Perhaps you've noticed my disjointed edits to the main page, the sporadic blog posts, and the numerous hiatuses on social media. For the sake of transparency, I've been overwhelmed the last several months as I build this business. 

I am not a business person. I am a maker. But I can make a business, right? Just like with any of my crafts, there's been a steep learning curve. I apologize now for the past state of this business - the light at the end of the tunnel has finally appeared and my vision is nearly in its final refinement stage. 

As any maker will tell you, its not easy to monetize our crafts and talents in a globalized economy bolstered upon the expectation of cheap, disposable goods. For a long time I was happy making for only myself and my loved ones. But making for myself and my loved ones wasn't without its own frustrations. 

I had wanted long arm quilting on several of the quilts I had painstakingly made, only to be discouraged with the standard process of:

  1. Find a quilter who's work you love
  2. Send said quilter a "work order" via email 
  3. Wait 3-5 days (or more!) for an email reply with a quote
  4. Reply to quilter with a thumbs up on the project
  5. Receive a PayPal invoice from quilter
  6. Pay invoice
  7. Receive mailing instructions from quilter only to hear that the new turn around time is 4-6 weeks.
  8. Discouraged, you take your quilt to the post office on your lunch hour and hope USPS doesn't lose it. 
  9. Receive quilt 7 weeks later, but you're happy with it. 

Yes, its the status quo. And having built this site, I completely understand why its the current best practice. We makers want to be left to make - especially for other makers. Makers understand good things take time! Craft has a process! Makers need to be left to do what they do best!

But, maybe there's a better way?

I've been working with a (very understanding!) developer to build custom code that will allow my fellow quilters to get an instant quote, pay, and get mailing instructions for long arm quilting services. Yes, so part of the standard frustration we all face will no longer be necessary. 

Stay tuned, its coming very soon! 

In the meantime, you can still purchase long arm quilting services from me at half price ($0.01 sq/in) via the old method, here. 



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  • Sadly, I’m struggling with the same process, but I’ll share if I have any revelations. ;-}


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