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Creating (new) Holiday Traditions

As many of you know, my husband and I live a thousand miles away from our families. While sad and lonely at times - especially around the holidays - it has given us the opportunity to create holiday traditions of our own. But, this hasn't been easy to just start doing.  

I grew up celebrating the holiday season with my family and friends and participating in what were mostly my grandparents' traditions. We never traveled more than 10 miles from home and I always woke up in my own bed. Now we're faced with either an exorbitantly priced plane ticket or a 17-hour drive with two dogs in tow only to sleep in several different beds...

Right. So we've been working hard to create our own traditions over the last year and a half, but its been more difficult than I thought it would be. 

Christmas, circa 1992

The other day I asked my followers on social media what traditions they uphold - whether theirs or someone else's. It started out as a selfish request - I was looking for ideas for us, frankly - but it got me rethinking the whos and whys of past traditions and why people tend to keep them. 

Thanksgiving with family, 2015

My husband and I have added a few - Pancake Sundays and Pizza Fridays are just two weekly ones I can name right off the top of my head - but the big one is a Christmas ski trip. We've proudly enforced it yearly since our first holiday season together, but it hasn't been easy. In the past we've scheduled it around our families' traditions, but this year we put our foot down and will be spending Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve on the slopes (gasp!) instead of with family. 

Christmas 2018

So, I'll ask the next question, then - what traditions do you keep and who started it? Does it bring you joy? Do you look forward to it?

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  • When I was little, my mom was not into cooking and decorating, so my favorite Christmas tradition was going to my Uncle Richard and Aunt Millie’s house on Christmas Eve. Full of cousins and great food and fun. When I became an adult my parents came to my house for Christmas. Now my kids are grown, I am just happy if I get to see one of them, sometimes not even on Christmas Day. Make your own traditions with your husband and don’t let anyone guilt you into anything else. Have a blast skiing. And please thank your husband for his service!

    Vanessa Grimmett

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