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  • Materials Matter - some thoughts at the close of 2019's Fashion Revolution Week

    This has all become a heavier responsibility now that Bow and Maro is a living and breathing business. I want to be sure that what I offer in my online store reflects my values as an individual. I want you to know that you're purchasing a well-made item that has left a positive footprint in both society and on Planet Earth. If you wanted, you could compost anything you purchase from me.
  • Fighting the Power - My frustrations with longarm quilting services

    Yes, its the status quo. And having built this site, I completely understand why its the current best practice. We makers want to be left to make - especially for other makers. Makers understand good things take time! Craft has a process! Makers need to be left to do what they do best!

    But, maybe there's a better way?

    I've been working with a (very understanding!) developer to build custom code that will allow my fellow quilters to get an instant quote, pay, and get mailing instructions for long arm quilting services. Yes, so part of the standard frustration we all face will no longer be necessary. 

  • Creating (new) Holiday Traditions

    As many of you know, my husband and I live a thousand miles away from our families. While sad and lonely at times - especially around the holidays ...
  • Hello!

    I'm Caitlin! Welcome to BowAndMaro.com.